Meet The Team

Executive Team:

Ben Barnes

Ben is an England Hockey Player and retained professional team coach. He is also Director of sports retailer ‘Games Set and Match’, which is based in Chichester.

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Dr. Lee Banting

Lee is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at University. He is also President of Chichester Community Fencing Club.


Jo Bullis

Jo currently works for Coastal West Sussex MIND (affiliated to National MIND) as a manager for older people’s services. She has previous experience as a Teacher and performer working with younger people and adults.

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Andrew Carnegie

Andrew is a successful property developer and Architect. He is also a very keen sportsman and one of the original founders of Sportsmanship First.

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Theo Cronin

Theo is Communications Manager at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation. He is also ex News Editor of the West Sussex Times and an ex local Radio Producer.

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Stephen Crossley

I passionately believe fairness is the root of goodness in human nature and the stimulation in wanting to encourage others to do their best. The Sportsmanship First programme has been designed to be surprising and entertaining while promoting essential life skills.
I have worked in theatre, recruitment and training and from the age of twenty five I owned two property related businesses until in 2008 when I created Sportsmanship First.

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Tim Davis

Tim works as a manager within a Children’s Services Department. He got involved in SF after seeing the programme and wanting to see it benefiting more children in more schools. Tim advises the SF Management Committee on the learning content of the programme and works with the teacher panel to make SF accessible at every curriculum stage.


Mike Masih

Mike is an expert in creative design and multimedia and has been keenly involved in Sportsmanship First.

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Neil McAlpine

Neil has been a competitive athlete for the past 20 years primarily in Running and Cycling. He has competed at all distances and in a multitude of events including track racing, adventure racing, cyclocross, duathlons and triathlons. In Summer 2017 he completed his first ‘middle’ distance triathlon. He has been a UK Athletics qualified running Coach and he has worked with several clubs over the years. He recently got involved with SF and has seen its potential to change lives and attitudes and he wants to bring that ethos into the racing events and training/coaching that he does.

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Nicky McCulloch

Nicky is a serving Police Officer and an active competing Triathlete. She was also National Junior Triathlon Coach of the year for 2015 and has presented the SF programme at Schools.

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Dave Parsons

Dave is a senior business account manager at the Nat West bank. Dave is treasurer of SF and has been on the SF committee since its formation. He has two children. Dave is a very keen sportsman and dedicated rugby player who believes the SF programme can make a real difference.

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David Royce

David is a founder and former Chief Executive of Crime Reduction Initiatives, the health and social care charity.

Mrs. Cathy Williams

Cathy is a an Executive Head Teacher.

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