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Will the Government Run with it!…..

A recent survey said ‘the majority of children would be happy to see competition removed from school sport’

However, children inspired by the Sportsmanship First life skills programme, (not FIFA), embrace competition and are delivering a baton/petition to 10 Downing Street on Tuesday 10th of June, asking David Cameron to run with the idea of promoting Sportsmanship First as a simple legacy idea.

SF Messenger Mission – June 2014

Starting on the 6th of June, SF ultra athletes will start a tour of UK schools and clubs. On Tuesday 10th of June, SF inspired children will run to Downing Street and Westminster to ‘pass batons’ containing the SF message to the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers or their aides. Contained within the batons will be the request for government to do more with ‘(The Olympic) Legacy’ and run with the idea of supporting the introduction of Sportsmanship First to all UK schools and clubs.

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What is Sportsmanship First (SF)

Sportsmanship First is a powerful life skills programme that encourages children to understand their emotional state when competing, not just in sport, and how both the positive and negative behaviour displayed has a wider social impact. Regardless of ability, children experience the value in offering sincere encouragement to each other and how this affects winning and losing. Children gain confidence in using the transferable social skills this brings, so they are equipped to offer such encouragement in wider life.

Most importantly children come to understand that competition is a fact of everyday life. Significantly they learn that to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat, means that children of all ability will strive to compete to the best of their ability in whatever they do.

Sportsmanship First – Aim

Since 2009, SF has been trialed in schools and clubs, using volunteer performers. At Wembley Stadium In 2012, SF was invited by the FA and other sports governing bodies to create a ‘sustainable SF model’. In 2013 SF trialed its sustainable model concept and the outcomes were extremely positive. SF now aims to raise just £20K to produce the ‘sustainable SF model’ which can then be offered to every school and club inspiring every child to be their best; both for themselves and in support of those around them. SF will also apply for charitable status.

The Sportsmanship First – Sustainable model

Similar to the timely school nativity play, children ‘perform’ (and watch) the ‘SF play’, in the summer term. To help ensure a professional delivery, under the direction of staff and parents, selected children are given professional presentational skills coaching and detailed theatrical direction via the SF remote learning tool. As a final performance, participating schools are encouraged to perform the play at a neighbouring school, who in turn are encouraged to adopt the programme.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) kindly coached the creator of Sportsmanship First in order to help further develop the remote learning tool, which The National Film and Television School have also kindly offered to produce.