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“Simply encouraging the UK and the world to re-prioritize sportsmanship first”

“The children I worked with had improved attitudes. More importantly the children carried out SF principles independent of adult instruction which I believe is a massive success of the programme.”
Martin Searle,
Sports Co-ordinator and Teacher

“Having seen SF in action, I became an immediate fan. This programme is exactly what is needed to ensure that young people get the very best possible messages from their involvement in sport, and carry that into their day to day lives.”
Ray Stafford,
President, England Fencing

“I welcome the work of Sportsmanship First. Exciting young people about concepts like Fair Play and Respect is a great way to educate them in lessons that will serve them well in life as well as sport.”
Dermot Collins,
FA Respect Manager

What is Sportsmanship First ?

Sportsmanship First (SF) is a powerful, but simple, life skills programme, that encourages children to understand their emotional state when competing, not just in sport, and how displayed positive or negative behaviour has a wider social impact. Regardless of ability, children experience the value in offering sincere encouragement to each other and how this affects winning and losing. Children gain confidence in using the transferable social skills this brings, so they are equipped for life.
Importantly children understand that competition is a fact of everyday life. Significantly they learn that to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat, means that children, of all ability, will strive to compete to the best of their ability in whatever they do.

SF Aims

The FA, RFU, ECB, EA and Fencing, asked SF to create a ‘sustainable SF model’. The concept trials were very successful and SF now aims to raise funds (£20K) to form as a charity, and critically, produce the ‘sustainable model’, so SF can be offered to every school and club inspiring every child to be their best; both for themselves and in support of those around them.
SF is extremely grateful to receive any pledges towards this target amount, however small. Pledges will only be called to be honoured when the target amount is reached.

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